White County Animal Shelter

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Meet Our Staff

Stephanie Smith, Shelter Manager


Stephanie Smith is the Shelter Manager.  Stephanie was born in Virginia and lived in Colorado for 27 years before finding herself in Tennessee.  As a child growing up she always wanted to be a veterinarian, later in life she went on to become a Veterinary Assistant/Technician. 

Stephanie has been volunteering at the shelter since Novemeber 2010.  She worked with/for a couple of labrador retriever rescues before taking on the shelter manager position on July 4, 2013.


Mike "Sparky" Sparks is the  Animal Control Officer.  Mike is a Sparta native, he attended White County High School.  Mike is a ferrier by trade and has been shoeing horses for about 20 years. He has been a part of the shelter since the doors opened in August 2008.  Mike's primary responsibilites at the shelter are picking up the stray dogs in White County.

He has also been known to go on calls for horses, cats, groundhogs, skunks, bats, and wild boar.  Mike has seen many a change at the shelter, when the shelter first opened its doors Mike was a one man show, he did the pick ups and took care or the animals housed at the shelter.


Mike Sparks, Shelter Director



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