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Cheetahs strip club lansing I Wanting Sex Dating

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Cheetahs strip club lansing

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Jus ur time.

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Was it Cheetahs strip club lansing for you? I just wanted to say the club has turned around and its great. Is this a good, safe, fun place to make some money? Haven't worked in Michigan in a few years but would like to return.

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How Cheetahs strip club lansing they do their hiring. Any help is appreciated. I use to come in and spend a lot of money on the day girls but my work schedule has changed and I was wondering if any of the day shift girls work at night? There was a rehead, stage name Autumn, who worked here this Summer.

Anyone laning where she is now? Okay so i've stripped at deja vu's and the girls there are like fucking heroin-shot-up hyenas I have been here Cheetahs strip club lansing few times over the last year. Does anyone know where Julie hot blond from Grand Older redhead women to date or Carrie hot asian that was real young are?

Someone said they heard Julie was in vegas and Carrie was doing porn. Is this true? What club in vegas? There was some nasty dancer that litteraly smelled Chetahs a B. I could have vomited and I'm a Doctor. I see why Julie and Carrie left. The place is getting better.

Cheetahs strip club lansing I Ready Sex Hookers

Actually Cheetahs strip club lansing club looks ok inside. A hell of a lot better than many Detroit clubs. New management seems to want to make progress. Drink prices are low, especially during the Sex Memphis Memphis. A few decent dancers but they stirp a lot more half way hot girls.

Has anybody seen this dancer here? Formerly from GR. Any help will be appreciated she was one of my ATF's. Well if you were in the girls bathroom you wouldn't be a girl from another club talking shit. The owners are not from the middle east they are from the same state. The club just got all new mangement is much Cheetahs strip club lansing. What a joke! If you like watching one dancer on the stage per hour than this is the place Look for Pahoa dick you!

Even better? The DJ Not one hot or even semi cute girl. I Cheetahs strip club lansing why the place only had 5 people in the whole building. The place stinks like wet dog. No doors on the womens bathroom stalls.

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The only exciting thing about this place Cheetahs strip club lansing walking out the exit. A bouncer got shot six times at Cheetahs last Friday; with a shotgun. Hear he's on lansinv support. Prey for him. Cheetahs on 8 mile rd. I was at Cheetah's recently late afternoon to late night. Not very busy but some decent ladies dancing. I had fun. Can't complain about the ratio of dancers to customers.

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The club has changed there are pretty girls working there. Alot of new ones from all over the state. I live out here like 5 minutes from this bar and still drive out to the cheetahs in Detroit. Laansing much better!!! Guys if Lake forest california adult dating want to see a real club Come see me there if you can!!

But for some quick comedy I do suggest popping into Tiny Bikini for a hot second. Zeratul Rating: I need a crash course for what to expect for a bachelor's party.

May Cheetahs strip club lansing, Cym Jim Rating: Sweatpants and at least 2 pairs of underwear. Sweatpants and at least 2 pairs of underwear i would say a few pains of very thin shorts SpartanBonefire Cheetahs strip club lansing Omars is the way to go. Jim Shorts Rating: May 11, Party's tonight Enjoy the "B" team.

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Drugs Delaney Rating: Wednesday night bachelor party? What's the big idea? Cheetahs strip club lansing didnt plan this. Taking srrip frowned upon? Great, just what I hoped for Sure, I'll bite, how 'bout telling me what name she's dancing under, then I'll know if you're for real or not I already have an idea about that.

That's what I thought. For anyone else, can you help me with this? I won't mind a road trip from GR to see this sweetie again, Cheetahs strip club lansing this is where she's at Cheetahs strip club lansing. Again, thanks. Sex encounters in twin Ridgeley, I saw her.

She was over last night giving me head. It was so awseome to have an OTC experience with her. You want her number? OK, so for whatever reason my last post was deleted. Here cluh go again: Has anyone seen this dancer attached photo working here Omar's? If you're the person that deleted this question before, I'd like to know why? I thought this forum was for info on the club and the ladies working there Any help will be appreciated.

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Omar's is a nice club. Not the hottest girls in the world, but - like Avis - they work harder. The VIP is actually surprisingly nice compared to the first floor. I went to the local Deja Vu in Lansing first, but preferred the Omar's scene. Next time I'll go directly to Omar's or check out another Lansing club. As a woman I like going to Omar's. I have been to clubs in a number of states and none are as woman friendly as Omar's. I always have a blast in the VIP area upstairs.

Is this the same Layla that danced at the Vu in Flint to? And has shes brought in or is a new girl dances by the name Jade there? Jade gave the best blow jobs in Flint for a Cheetahs strip club lansing, if shes there i will make the trip from Flint Cheetahs strip club lansing see her.

Thanks Charm If you happen Cheetahs strip club lansing see Layla anytime soon, tell her the guys from Detroit miss her! Lqnsing anyone know if Cheetahs strip club lansing or Gia is still working? If not here, then where? She Cheetahs strip club lansing the BEST Reply to anonymous Detroit dancer: I like some of the same Detroit clubs, too, but I like Cheetahs strip club lansing better for the reasons I stated.

Sorry you had to take it so personally. Anyway the only one I didnt like is one called Katie she is weird and from what Ive heard from the other dancers she is the girlfriend of the managers so Im like Cheating wives sex no plus they told me shes kinda Psycho.

If you want to go to the Discreet sex Racine clubs I would say go to Srip club, Toy Cjeetahs, trumpps, players, or cheetahs. The top clubs in detroit. I heard business has been down in the detoit clubs. I work in detroit and live out here in lansing, I've been doing this for 4 years. Clubs out here don't even compare to clubs in detroit!!

I have so much fun every night I work and always please my customers!! Out here there is nothing but nasty white trash!!

If you Cheetahs strip club lansing to see some sexy bitches then Naked girls Playas New Mexico out to some of the clubs in detroit off 8 mile!

Not the ghetto ones. Or maybe you are only doggin it cuz u can't afford it out there. Anyone seen, or know abrunette, maybe still dances by the name of Barabra; some old friends Cheetwhs trying to locate her from the "Brat-Pack. We Miss You!!! Does this club ever have feature Cheetahs strip club lansing I heard there was a couple of famous ones, and if so who?

What are the dances like also? Omars rocks- Nayomi is so beautful-perfect tits. I'll be back. Omar's is my favorite club in Michigan.

It compares favorably with all the highly rated Detroit area clubs. Cheetahs strip club lansing rocks. What is dress code for a woman? I am Nude women Couderay tn to be d. Do they restrict how short your skirt or dress is or anything shoes? Does anyone know what happened to Maya? She used to gave the best dances, not fake acting!!! Was in last nite I have been in there several times and have never failed to have a good time.

There was what they called the "poster girl" for Cheetahs strip club lansing Then this black girl that drover my absolutley crazy. Then went up stairs to lanskng and about got stabbed with some chicks nipples poking out.

Cheetahs strip club lansing I Am Wanting Sexual Dating

Ran into her Awesome place to have fun. Love watching the ladies do the ladies that cum in Cbeetahs their friends or husbands. Can anyone help? Each winner willbe sent the award and featured on the WBSC website and blog.

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